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The perfect combination of superior performance, ultra high density and unmatched accessibility - all packaged in sleek, modern 1U & 4U enclosures that manage fibre cabling like never before.

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LightStack Ultra High Density Fibre Enclosures Benefits

Ultra High Density
Ultra High Density
Up to 144 fibres (LC interface) and 864 fibers (MTP interface) within 1U.
Unmatched Accessability
Unmatched Accessability
Enclosures can be stacked repeatedly and maintain full accessibility due to rear sliding bottom tray. Accessability can be further optimized using Siemon’s LC BladePatch.
For Advanced Data Centres
For Advanced Data Centers
Designed for advanced data centers, network and storage area environments, while providing a seamless migration to 40 and 100 gigabit applications.
Jumper Capacity
Jumper Capacity
Industry leading horizontal cable management capacity. Designed to work with both uni-tube and mini-zip jumpers.
Jumper Management
Jumper Management
Horizontal cable managers have a hinged cover that swings open for easy access to all jumpers during initial install and subsequent MAC work.
Innovative Labeling
Innovative Labeling
Label holder utilizing an excel template for ease of use - both laser printing and secondary adhesive labels can be used.
Molded magnetic hinged door with enhanced graphics.
Strain Relief
Strain Relief
Swivel tie down allows for simplistic approach for anchoring trunks and eliminating pinch points.
LC Pass Through
LC Pass Through
LC adapter plate option - 144 fibres in 1U.

LightStack Performance

Insertion Loss (dB) Return Loss (dB) Insertion Loss (dB) Return Loss (dB)
Multimode Singlemode
MTP 0.2 20 0.6 60
LC 0.15 30 0.4 60
MTP to LC Module 0.35 30 1 60

Reference Siemon’s whitepaper titled: "The Need for Low-Loss Multifiber Connectivity in Today's Data Center" for information and guidance on design options, channel models and distances for 10, 40, 100Gb Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications.

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